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Our designed mobile testing services ensure your banking app’s excellence in functionality, security, and performance, fostering user loyalty and protecting brand reputation

Commitment for High-Quality Mobile Testing Services in the BFSI Industry

Given the high stakes of handling sensitive financial data and the need for seamless user interactions, banks and financial institutions often find it challenging to perform mobile testing effectively. Understanding these obstacles, we provide world-class mobile application testing services.

  • Conduct testing across a diverse range of mobile platforms, operating systems, and devices

  • Ensure optimal user experience

  • Ensure the app is compatible with mobile device's specifications

  • Address challenges related to app distribution management

  • Guarantee seamless integration, optimal performance and security in the app

Our Focus Areas in Mobile App Testing

KMS Solutions' testing team provided comprehensive testing for different types of mobile apps in the BFSI industry

Native Mobile Apps

Native Mobile Apps

Focus on testing platform-specific features, performance, and UI/UX consistency for iOS or Android

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Ensure uniform functionality and performance across multiple platforms from a single codebase

Mobile Web Apps

Mobile Web Apps

Concentrate on ensuring the browser compatibility, responsive design, network performance, and mobile-specific interactions

Diverse Realms of App Testing for Banks and Finance

To provide a better user experience and ensure optimal performance, your financial services apps should cover these tests

Mobile Functional Testing

Our mobile testing team guarantees that your app, comprising backend functionality, operates seamlessly and completely satisfies the functional specifications.

Usability Testing

We ensure that your app a user-friendly interface, making it convenient and intuitive for users to log-in and perform financial activities in the app.

Mobile Performance Testing

Our testing experts ensure that your financial services app is free from any stress, load, scalability, or reliability issues.

Mobile Compatibility Testing

We verify that your mobile app delivers an outstanding user experience and operates seamlessly on all designated devices, across various operating systems, and mobile browsers.

Mobile Security Testing

As financial services app is the common target of cybercrimes, we help conduct penetration testing, identifying security vulnerabilities within your app and offering recommendations for mitigation.

Automation Testing

To accelerate your mobile app release process and guarantee comprehensive test coverage, we can implement test automation for functional and regression, performance, compatibility, and security mobile testing.

Mobile App Testing Process with KMS Solutions

Requirements analysis for mobile app

Project Requirements Analysis

  • Understanding the app's goals, target audience, features, and platform requirements
  • Analyzing client's technical challenges
Process & devices planning in mobile app

Process & Devices Planning

  • Choose target devices and analyze statistics for target region and user audience
  • Plan the scope, objectives, timelines, resources, and testing methodologies
Mobile app's test cases preparation

Test Cases Preparation

  • Create detailed test cases and test suites covering various scenarios, functionalities, and user interactions.
Test execution & reports for mobile app

Test Execution & Reports

  • Running test cases according to the test plan
  • Documenting any bugs, errors, or issues found during testing
  • Monitoring the status of reported defects

KMS Guarantees Top-Notch Security and Efficiency for Mobile App

KMS Solutions brings forth a team of software engineers that hold extensive credentials of competence

3 Reasons Why Banks and Financial Institutions Love Us

Platform coverage icon

Full Platform Coverage

Our testing technicians and engineers handle the latest iOS and Android OS versions, OTT and streaming systems, emulators, integrated development environments, and automation frameworks.

KMS fast team ramp-up icon

Fast Team Ramp-Up

With 1300+ IT talents, we can ramp up a testing team instanty based on your specific requirements, saving time and resources from recruitment efforts and overhead costs.

KMS Solutions' QA Support icon

Flexible QA Support

Stay ahead of all threats related to mobile app with our dedicated team providing continuous monitoring, support, and proactive guidance, ensuring your digital assets remain secure.

Leverage Quick and Cost-Effective Mobile Testing for Success

With 15+ years of experience in mobile app testing, KMS guarantees client's applications are fully functional across all essential devices and operating systems, scalable, safe, and user-friendly.

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A group of KMS Solutions' experts dedicated for the mobile testing project