Effective Automated Testing Services
for BFSI Businesses

We provide a multi-layered test automation approach that helps banks and financial institutions optimize testing time and costs while ensuring products’ quality.

Customized QA Automation Services for Specific Needs

Test automation addresses the challenges of fast development cycles and the necessity to meet increasing customer demands while maintaining quality.

Our automated testing team can enhance your business by delivering qualified products through tailored automated testing script.

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    Up to 90% test coverage for better product quality

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    20-40% time-to-market improvement

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    More than 40% enhanced quality assurance productivity

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    Minimize your overall cost of quality with early risk mitigation

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    95% time reduction in test creation to accelerate testing cycle

BFSI Software Applications That We Cover

Enhanced Customer Experience

Banking Applications

  • Mobile Banking Apps
  • Credit Card & Loan Processing Apps
  • Corporate Banking Software
  • E-Wallet
  • Core Banking Systems
Optimized Infrastructure

Financial Software

  • Trading Software
  • Investment Apps
  • Payment Gateway Solutions
  • Wealth Management Apps
  • Micro-finance Apps
Reduced Risk

Insurance Software

  • Insurtech
  • Underwriting Software
  • Policy management System
  • Claim Management Software
  • Quoting Software
Cost Savings

Fintech Software

  • RegTech
  • Digital Payment Systems
  • Banking as a Service (BaaS)

Our Automated Testing Services Cover Various Aspects of Financial Software Testing

    To ensure products can handle peak loads without performance degradation, KMS Solutions' test automation team performs: load testing, stress testing, stability testing, and scalability testing.
Functional Testing

Functional Testing

    We execute functional test cases automatically to ensure that the software performs as intended and meets the specified requirements.
Cloud-based Testing

Cloud-based Testing

    Our automated testing approach ensures that your BFSI apps integrate smoothly with cloud platforms, guaranteeing optimal functionality in a dynamic environment.
    By leveraging automated security testing tools, our experts analyze potential security holes in your BFSI systems are securely protected against all possible cyber threats.
Integration Testing

Integration Testing

    To ensure the smooth end-to-end workflows, our test automation engineers validate the internal and external integrations in the financial services software.
Compatibility Testing

Compatibility Testing

    Our automation test ensure the BFSI product is compatibility with required devices and OSs, and browsers and their versions.
Software Security Assurance

Software Security Assurance

    We assist you in complying with relevant regulatory standards (e.g. PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc.) ensuring secure financial transactions and fostering customer trust.
Business Process Testing

Business Process Testing

    We pinpoint bottlenecks, refine workflows, and optimize your BFSI applications to boost operational efficiency.

Our Commitment to Bring Efficiency to Your Testing Process

With extensive expertise and in-depth domain knowledge in banking and financial service industry, we understand your specific needs and provide you with tailor-made automation solutions

Accuracy and Consistency

We create automated test cases that can be run multiple times with high accuracy, ensuring consistent results across different test cycles.

Cost Effectiveness

Reduce the need for extensive manual testing efforts. We implement automation testing tools zero cost for setting up automation frameworks.

Enhanced Test Coverage

We cover extensive testing areas, including functional, regression, performance, and security testing. Automated scripts can handle edge cases and complex scenarios.

Scalability for Industry Needs

Our capability to efficiently manage large test suites, which is essential for complex banking applications with numerous functionalities.

High-quality Automated Testing Platform for
Financial Services

We partner with leading automation testing platform to provide advanced testing services

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KMS Automation Testing Framework

We Ensure Automation Excellence for BFSI Companies

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The Automation Mindset

Our teams possess extensive expertise in emerging technologies and automation, enabling you to outperform competitors and accelerate time-to-market. We have a vast test automation toolkit that help BFSI businesses improve the QA process

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Fast Team Ramp-Up

With 1300+ IT talents, we can ramp up a testing team instanty based on your specific requirements, saving time and resources from recruitment efforts and overhead costs.

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Optimal Product Deliveries

Our clients rely on us to develop software solutions that drive revenue and expand alongside their business operations. We ensure the products are reliable and scalable enough to meet evolving business needs. and

Elevate Your QA Automation in FinTech with Our Cutting-Edge Testing Solutions.

Let us know your requirements and we’ll personalize a testing solution that will make life easier for you.

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