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To remain competitive, banks and financial institutions delegate parts or all of their development processes to third-party vendors while maintaining overall control of the projects.

The 4 main concentrations of Financial Services IT Outsourcing include:

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    Customer Satisfaction: offer customers with experiences that align with their digital lifestyles

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    Operational Excellence: increase productivity, reduce costs, and maximize ROI with our skilled engineers

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    Financial Services Reinvention: adapt to tech trends and create innovative business models to provide efficient BFSI solutions

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    Reliability and Compliance: maintain a continuous commitment to security

Financial Services IT Solutions to Achieve Business Goals

Digital Platform & App Development

We handle the software development processes in a financial services project. By managing tools, best practices, and client requirements, we progressively scale development resources to achieve a stable state

Run, Maintain, and Support Services

Our experts are adept at resolving typical tech support issues for financial businesses, utilizing established systems, procedures, and best practices to ensure smooth client operations

Enterprise Software Testing

We offer comprehensive testing services to ensure your software's quality and security, including automation testing, mobile testing, performance testing, API testing, security testing, and many more

Integration & Migration

By leveraging our experience and domain knowledge in the BFSI industry, we ensure a smooth transition, from software systems implementation to data migration and third-party integration.

4 Key Steps for IT Outsourcing Success in
Financial Services Industry

  • Understand the roadmap and key success factors for the center
  • Capture SOE, SOP and SLA
  • Develop transition and scale strategies 
  • Define timeline and key milestones
  • Set up environment
  • Staff,  train and enable  core team
  • License to serve (KMS readiness)
  • Process formalization
Ramp Up
  • Operation speed, quality and transformation
  • Program management
  • Process transformation
  • Talent acquisition
Steady State
  • Predictable intelligent operation
  • IT operations
  • HR operations
  • Finance operations
  • Program governance

Our Outsourcing Models Specific for BFSI Sector

Staff Augmentation

Our IT talents with all the necessary skills and domain knowledge in the BFSI sector join clients' internal engineering teams to increase their capacity

Dedicated Team

The team with all necessary roles leverage cutting-edge technologies to handle the entire project lifecycle. We also ensure the client's managerial involvement

Full Process Offshoring

We establish the offshore technology center in Vietnam, working as a robust right-hand for BFSI businesses. Our scope includes providing the full development and after-launch process

Bring the Roles You Need to Your In-house Teams

Why Choose KMS Solutions as Your Outsourcing Partner

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Experts In Industry Compliance

Our team of 1,300+ IT experts follow strictly to clients' standard transaction procedures and provide comprehensive training on the latest BFSI regulations. We also possess PCI DSS, ISO 27001:2013, CBDP and SOC2 certfifcations

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Proven Operation Success

Built upon the engineering excellence combined with a deep knowledge in the BFSI industry, we drive the long-lasting success with many companies in the banking and financial services worldwide

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Experienced Team Scalability

Easily expand your in-house team as your business grows and accelerate the development process efficiently. Our experts are skilled in Fintech programming languages, tools, and frameworks, ensuring the creation of exceptional products.

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