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Elevating Software Quality with AI-led Testing Solutions

Deliver exceptional, secure experiences for financial users through advanced automation testing approach

The Obstacles in Ensuring Software Quality in Financial Services Industry

The highly regulated and complex nature of the industry poses numerous challenges:

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    Dealing with evolving digital experience

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    Integrating with various legacy systems

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    Dealing with time constraints in scaling testing

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    Lack of resources and expertise

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    Lack of scalable quality engineering framework

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    Handling sensitive financial and personal data

Bring Your Quality Assurance Maturity Model to the Next Level

Our certified QA engineers can help businesses reimagine the new way to efficiently assure quality software across the spectrum of people, processes, and tools

testing process

Hyper-Testing Process

We provide a holistic, 360˚ test coverage approach and automation testing framework to re-engineer the complex testing process and ensure a high-quality financial services software.

scalable testing

Scalable QA Team

KMS Solutions' Testing Center of Excellence with multiple skill sets and domain focus can access to the latest innovations in the testing field.

testing platform

AI-powered Testing Platform

We incorporate the latest AI tech to generate test cases automatically and improve test coverage, ensuring faster test and streamlined QA process with fewer bottlenecks.

test automation framework

Pre-built Automation Framework

Seamlessly designed to accelerate your software development process and unlock the potential of rapid testing with test automation.

End-to-end Digital Testing Services for Faster Time-to-Value

We provide next-gen testing services that incorporate AI in test automation with a structured test strategy.

Advisory and Transformation Services

Transform your testing practice with modern frameworks and tools. Improve test coverage & QA maturity.

Quality Engineering Services

Powering quality and productivity with an automated, AI-led approach to quality for banking and finance systems and applications

Specialized Testing Services

We execute different categories of testing, including Performance Testing, Security Testing, Compatibility Testing, DevOps Testing

Testing Services for Financial Services App

  • Automate manual and repetitive tasks in banking app
  • Automatically evaluate the financial software response time and stability under peak loads.
  • Validate the integration of the financial services app using automated script
  • Validate compliance with regulatory standards through automated checks and audits
  • Run UI tests automatically to ensure consistency in design and navigation
  • Evaluate an app’s features and functions to ensure they work as anticipated
  • Evaluate how well an banking app can recover from unpredicted interruptions.
  • Identify and address software weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
  • Validate the security and reliability of financial transactions through testing on payment methods
  • Evaluate the ease of use of a mobile app
  • Examine app performance under distinct user loads.
  • Verify performance across different device types and OS.
  • Ensure app run smoothly under different battery levels.
  • Test app performance under slow connection conditions.
  • Monitor app performance throughout transactions and varying internet speeds.
  • Ensure the API integrates seamlessly with third-party providers.
  • Ensure that the API returns correct and expected data in the response.
  • Measure the time taken for the API to respond and ensure it is within acceptable limits.
  • Verify that the API supports complex workflows and sequences of API calls.

Accessibility Testing

  • Provide descriptive alternatives for non-text content.
  • Ensure all functionality is accessible via keyboard input.
  • Assist users in avoiding and rectifying errors.
  • Ensure text is legible and comprehensible.
  • Optimize compatibility with existing and future user tool.
  • Check the app's response when multiple login attempts are made.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the "Forgot password" functionality in swiftly recovering account details.
  • Confirm that user IDs and passwords are encrypted.
  • Validate the use of a secure protocol.
  • Implement safeguards to prevent indefinite user login sessions.

Our Solutions are Built for Measurable Results

Global banks and financial institutions embrace automation testing for speed and agility.

Business Requirements

KMS Solutions' experts collaborate closely with clients to identify the specific goals for the software. Enterprises provide the KMS Solutions testing engineers with sample apps and features, multiple test environments, including SIT, UAT, and pre-production.

KMS Engagement Model

Based on the specific requirements of clients, KMS Solutions proposes suitable models:

  • Quality Transformation Advisory
  • Quality Engineering
  • Specialized Testing

Client Outcome

  • End-to-end test Automation
  • Test Automation Maturity Model
  • Managed Quality Engineering Service
  • Effective CI/CD
  • Training and Mentoring for Test Automation 
  • Comprehensive Test Report

KMS Automation Testing Framework

Know What You Can Achieve with Our Service

standardized testing process

Standardized Enterprise Testing Process

Centralized test automation ensures that all test scripts follow the Excellence Delivery Framework and guidelines with clients. We emphasize consistency across different teams and projects, making it easier to manage and maintain the automation framework.

test reports and analytics

Detailed Test Reports and Analytics

We regularly provide a detailed overview of the tests that were conducted, the results obtained, and any issues that were encountered to help clients follow effortlessly.

testing integrations

Robust Integrations for Extended Capabilities

Ensure the ability of automation testing to seamlessly integrate with other tools and systems used in the banking industry. We also develop global testing solutions for integrated data across the Financial services eco-systems and with other services.

Clients' Successes Speak for Our Testing Efforts

Launch Inovative Products with a Strategic Mindset, Testing Solutions, and QA Teams

Never release your products without testing! Equip your team with experienced testing experts, excellent delivery frameworks, processes and tools.

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