Simplified Migration, Minimal Downtime

Migrate business data to a new platform with minimal business disruption.

Software Migration Services with Efficiency

Design & Data Mapping

Our team provides pre-migration activity, gap analysis, data mapping services that ensure comprehensive mapping of data structures and elements from source to target platform 

ETL & Data Cleansing

We help extract, transform and load data into target platform. Moreover, we also provide sizeable data cleansing service that is planned with the project lifecycle.

Mock Runs

We perform data migration testing to test the conversion and reconciliation process. Focus on user acceptance test and functional testing to ensure seamless migration process.

Cut Over/Go Live

Work on the cut-over process: from Production Environment preparation, Transaction/Master Data Migration, Business Operation Readiness to Post Deployment Support.
cloud migration the software team is transitioning workload

Get Your Workload Transition Fast and Safe

Based on methodologies and best practices earned over multiple projects, we help clients make a quick, cost-effective, and secure the move.

Our migration service offers an inclusive approach, comprising assessment, planning, execution, testing, and support for your data, applications and systems.

Reduce Migration Roadblocks and Ensure Security with These Services


Speed Up Migration Process In an Effective Way

We offer the industry’s best solutions for migration, with no hassle and no time-consuming.

KMS staff has experience in data migration

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KMS staff has experience in data migration