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We accelerate our clients' transition to a digital enterprise with our deep expertise in technologies for the financial industry

From Digital Consulting to Innovative Product Commercialization

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Reimagine Your Business and Operation With the Executable Strategies and Plans

With demand-based consulting services ranging from technology planning, software consulting, and data consultancy to IT management, we assist financial institutions in translating innovative technology strategies into action

The digital financial services consulting process of KMS Solutions includes:

  • Understand the client's business goals, pain points, and challenges and determine the desired outcomes.
  • Assess the current software systems to identify areas for improvements, and evaluate the feasibility of modernizing or digitizing them.
  • Develop a specific technology roadmap and estimate the costs and resources required for implementation.

Technology Strategy Consulting that Powers Business Growth

User Experience & Product Design

We focus on human-centered design, rapid prototyping, and UX testing, enabling clients to accelerate the customer experience transformation process. 

Platform Modernization & Cloud

KMS experts have experience in modernizing business legacy systems and developing platform and delivery practices to expedite the delivery of business value.

Intelligent Process Automation

Streamline business operations, minimize manual intervention, and empower the digital workforce for an impactful enterprise-wide digital transformation.

Scalable Technology Services Center

Built upon the engineering and operation excellence, we build and scale your offshore services center in Vietnam, driving the long-lasting success with 130+ clients globally.

Unlock Financial Excellence With the Best-Suited Solutions

Help you assess the current state of business processes and digital techs to optimize your strategy.

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