Diversify and Lead Innovation With New Emerging Tech Hub

As businesses scale up and operations expand, companies are continually seeking to establish technology centers in 3rd countries to contribute to their competitiveness and growth in global market:

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    Lower labor and operational expenses compared to high-cost locations

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    Tap into a skilled pool of Tech professionals and collaborate with local tech ecosystem for innovation

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    Diversify operations to reduce the risk of disruptions

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    Provide extended support hours for global operations

Why Should You Open a Technology Center Vietnam

Some of Financial Institutions Established ODCs in Vietnam to Capitalize Talents

480,000 IT Engineers

Over 50,000 IT graduates enter the labor force yearly

Tech Grow 20% Annually

Projected to reach 43$ billion by 2025

Most Popular Programming Languages

Javascript, Java, PHP, C#/.Net, Python

Achieve Great Success with Robust Tech Center

Rooted in Vietnam, KMS can help you build and operate new centers effectively. We’re committed to ensuring your venture’s success.

Digital Platform and Application Development

We take ownership of the development environment, tools, best practices, and requirements from clients; support them to gradually increasing the  development resources to reach a steady state.

Run, Maintain and Support Services for Applications

Our experts are familiar with resolving common tech support issues for financial businesses, using designed systems, procedures, and best practices while ensuring clients' operations run smoothly.

Enterprise Software Quality Assurance

Perform software testing as per clients' requirements using transitioned testing environments, tools, best practices, and testing methodologies. We focus on accelerating time-to-value and helping clients achieve faster and better results in software quality.

Business Process Services

Our team can understand how to implement and follow client’s business processes, procedures, and best practices.

A Partner With Strong Credentials

We build high-performing and scalable technology centres and innovation hubs for ourselves as well as for regional and global clients

domain-focused competencies

Domain-focused Competencies

With a deep knowledge in the industry that got built over the years, KMS can understand the critical issues that businesses are facing and help them deliver innovative solutions.


Efficient Scalability

As a well-recognized brand, KMS assembles dedicated collaborative experts to help our clients efficiently achieve desired results faster and with minimal risks.

operation success

Proven Operation Success

Built upon engineering and operation excellence, we drive long-lasting success with 130+ clients globally and ensure their operation efficiency.

security and comliance

Security & Compliance

With stringent security policy following international standards like PCI DSS, ISO 27001:2013, CBDP and SOC2, we minimize potential risks and ensure data security.

Our Governance Model

  • License to serve (staff readiness)
  • Employee Engagement Score
  • Labor Performance Index (LPI)
  • SLAs driven
  • CSAT
  • Project deliver on budget
  • Severity level & target response time
  • Escalation policy
  • Root cause analysis report
  • Cyber-security requirements upheld
  • No breaches
  • Internal audits

How We Build and Operate
a Robust Technology Center

  • Understand the roadmap and key success factors for the center
  • Capture SOE, SOP and SLA
  • Develop transition and scale strategies 
  • Define timeline and key milestones
  • Set up environment
  • Staff,  train and enable  core team
  • License to serve (KMS readiness)
  • Process formalization
Ramp Up
  • Operation speed, quality and transformation
  • Program management
  • Process transformation
  • Talent acquisition
Steady State
  • Predictable intelligent operation
  • IT operations
  • HR operations
  • Finance operations
  • Program governance

What Our Clients Say About Us

Cultivate Your Hub for Financial Technology Innovation

Establish your Offshore Development Center to foster the growth of innovative ideas, technologies, and initiatives. Reach out to our team to design the roadmap for setting up your center

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      How to Leverage Offshore Development Teams for Fintech Innovation

      How to Leverage Offshore Development Teams for Fintech Innovation