TPBank Boosts  Testing Performance & Team Proficiency To Effectively Handle the Upsurge of Mobile Users

TP Bank engaged with KMS Solutions for a personalised strategy to automate the testing process and enhance the team’s expertise.

Industry: Banking

Size: 7,500+ employees

Headquarters: Vietnam

Project: Personalised end-to-end testing strategy

Service(s) & Product(s): Advanced Automation Scripting, Testing Tools Integration, and Customised Training Programs


  • Lack of continuous integration (CI) in the testing process.
  • Limited knowledge about Katalon and unfinalised workflow.
  • Partial automation of scripts.


  • Automated scripts for different OSes and environments.
  • Seamless integration with advanced tools.
  • Enhancing proficiency through comprehensive training programs covering both fundamental and advanced testing concepts.
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Nguyen Thuy Linh

Head of Business Analysis and Testing – IT Department, TPBank
While working with the KMS Solutions team, we were greatly impressed by their enthusiasm and proactive approach. Their prompt responses and valuable suggestions proved instrumental in resolving coding issues, optimising tool utilisation, and addressing common challenges faced by TPBank.

Moreover, their expertise enabled them to efficiently tackle technical hurdles encountered while implementing new projects. KMS Solutions proved to be an invaluable partner, consistently delivering effective solutions to support TPBank’s objectives and ensure the smooth execution of our initiatives.
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Completing the Project a Month Ahead of the Original Plan

Automation Testing Framework

KMS solutions provides an automation testing framework suitable for TPBank’s characteristics

Successful CI/CD Integrations

With the adoption of Jenkins CI, the TPBank team can automatically build and test execution system

Completing 2-Week Training Sessions

TPBank's testing team obtained the essential skills and a profound comprehension of Katalon Studio

Elevate Technology and Operations To the New Height

Explore possibilities in delivering greater business and operations results with our digital technology solutions and competencies.

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