Transform your Financial Management

Sunsystems gives you a real-time, consolidated view of your financial performance so that you can see the impact of any penny spent.

Built on the powerful technology platform Infor Xi, Infor Sunsystems delivers integrated finance management, sales management, purchasing and inventory management, and much more.

IFRS & GAAP Support

Multi-entity and Multi-currency support

Seamless integration

Query & Analysis

Comprehensive View Of Financial Accounting Management For Business

Facilitate all aspects of your accounting process

Combine all of your ledger data into one single ledger, giving you immediate access to all finance and accounting information.

Multi-entity / company Multi-currency Multi-calendar Multi-language
Streamline and automate accounts payable process

Schedule bill payment to suppliers and distributors, and keep accurate data about owed money, due dates, and available discounts.

Sales orders Sales invoices Recurring invoices Bill of materials
Keep records of an infinite amount of fixed assets

Manage depreciation and other costs associated with tangible assets such as buildings, property, and equipment.

Asset tracking Asset depreciation Asset notes Multi-currency assets
Standardize purchasing processes

Have all you need to streamline purchasing activities, including requisitions, orders, contracts, invoicing, and receiving.

Requisitions Purchase orders Receipt notes Purchase invoices
Simplifying planning and budgeting

Make financial planning and budget allocation more on point with SunSystems' built-in budgeting module.

Asset tracking Asset depreciation Asset notes Multi-currency assets
Centrally manage your financial documents

Capture, authorize, and archive any kind of business documents, such as invoices, purchase orders, and statements.

Central document repository Sophisticated Search capabilities

How Finance Can Lead Digital Transformation

Discover the evolving role of Finance and how technology is its stimulants

Why fast-growing businesses love Sunsystems

Real-time, Accurate Information

Because your financial information comes straight from the source, you can be confident that it is accessible, auditable, and never gets lost.

Spending Management

Make informed investment decisions because Infor Sunsystems offers powerful reporting, forecasting, and other financial planning processes.

User-centric experience

Easily navigate through interface and modules with a smart, intuitive, and easy-to-use experience as every aspect of Sunsystems is carefully simplified.

Seamless integration

Seamlessly integrate Infor SunSystems with other business systems, such as enterprise performance management (EPM), customer relationship management (CRM), expense management, and more.

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