Digital Transformation

Let's discover how eLearning standards have been evolving over time and what the future may hold for the learning ecosystem.
The role of the CFO—and finance—has fundamentally changed in this age of digital transformation. Leading finance executives have become more strategically focused, more value-focused, and more future-focused. Learn why and how to become one
This paper will make clear the fundamentals of digital customer experience, digital consumer trends for 2020, and the human-centric approach to customer journey mapping.
A digital workplace, by bringing together digital technologies, allows workers to do their jobs at any time, in any place, and through any digital device. Let's learn what benefits it can bring and how to build one.

Digital Banking

imperatives of digital banking
While it’s true that there is no such thing as a sure recipe for success, some key ingredients are essential to a successful digitized bank. They are the SIX imperatives of digital banking that we will discuss in this whitepaper.
must-have features for banking application
In this article, we get to explore various innovative features that a bank might consider for its mobile banking application, with the goal to keep up with the Digital Banking upsurge.
Design Thinking for Digital Banking
This paper looks over the relevance and application of Design Thinking in the banking sector. You will also get to explore how some current banks are applying this method.

Data & Analytics

Reading this paper will give you a better idea of how data analytics can help businesses manage through the COVID-19 crisis, and to prepare for the post-COVID-19 crisis.

Software Testing

an introduction to software testing life cycle
Software Testing Life Cycle will be the central theme of this paper, which gives an overview of STLC, its key phases, and activities involved in each phase, as well as the common principles of STLC.
Best practice of Software Testing to ensure a successful banking digitization
As CBS is the very heart of a bank, transforming it has a high chance of disrupting day-to-day operations. This paper offers the strategies that QA teams can adopt to mitigate the risk and thus ensure the success of this radical transformation.
Automation Testing for Insurance Industry
This paper discusses the What, Why, and How of Test Automation in the insurance sector. It provides QA specialists with a foolproof test automation framework to apply to their insurance companies.

Enterprise Software

In this paper, we are going to explore the country’s current retail environment: the key trends, the challenges these trends present to supply chain planners and retail businesses, and how to tackle them.
Analyst Reports
Learn which supply chain strategies your peers are going to implement in 2019 and acknowledge industry pain points that retailers, wholesalers and distributors are facing these days.

Industry Insights & Reports

Case Studies